Open-Source Learning Content Management System​

The „open“ in openLCMS has several meanings:

open exchange

One of the main ideas of openLCMS is to be a platform for sharing educational content and functionality. Documents and associated services can be published as packages into the system, where they can be shared among partners.

open platform

The era of monolithic course management systems might be over, as learners and educators expect modular, exchangeable and expandable functionality. openLCMS acts like an operating system for educational content and functionality packages, which allows for rapid innovation without the need to implement the whole stack of storage, authentication, user interface, etc.

open source

openLCMS will be implemented as an open-source system. The concept of content packages allows the integration of other open-source projects with securely encapsulated functionality.

open governance

openLCMS will be organized as a consortium and governed by a shared board.